Nipson Technology's proven technology

Nipson Technology's proven technology


Nipson Technology's proven technology

Underlying the success of Nipson Technology’s solutions is the combination of its proprietary dry toner magnetography and cool xenon flash fusing. The first press using magnetography was commercialized in 1985.

Building on the solid foundations of our proven technology, our systems have been continuously developed, redesigned, and improved upon to provide you with an unmatched mix of quality, productivity, and total application flexibility at an impressively low total cost per page.

When you choose Nipson technology, you are reaping the benefits of decades of innovation and development. Our DIGIFlex and VaryPress ranges both come with all the features that have become Nipson Technology’s trademark.

Magnetographic Print Engine



Proprietary magnetography

Designed for reliability, with few moving parts, a magnetographic print engine is extremely rugged, making it ideal for high-volume production printing.

Nipson Technology’s magnetography is a non-impact printing technology whereby an image is printed using magnetic toner, electromagnetic write heads and magnetic fields on a metal imaging drum. Once the toner is transferred from the drum onto the paper, the image is fixed using our proprietary cool xenon flash fusing process.

The animation illustrates the different steps in the magnetography printing process.


Flash fusing

Proprietary cool xenon flash fusing

Our proprietary cool xenon flash fusing process employs high-energy flashes of light. The intense flashes heat the toner but not the substrate; the substrate temperature never exceeds 50°C. 

Fusing toner without heating the substrate has several advantages: it enables the use of fragile and heat-sensitive print media, extending the scope of applications.

And because shrinkage, warping or other deformations are avoided, the finishing process is much easier.

Flash Fixation DIGIFlex


, VaryPress 400 fixation


Variable speed

Variable speed – automatic and operator-adjusted

All Nipson Technology presses are equipped with automatic and operator-adjustable variable speed features.

Progressive and automatic adjustment of the printing speed to synchronize with the data flow rate and the finishing equipment helps avoiding unnecessary starts and stops, ensures truly cost-effective continuous production, and reduces waste.

The operator-controlled variable speed feature allows dynamic adjustment of the speed to ensure optimum print quality on any substrate.

 : Variable speed photo à éclaircir


600 x 600 dpi resolution

All Nipson Technology presses print at a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi.

This resolution stands for impeccable print quality, crisp and sharp details, enabling the accurate representation of barcodes, CMC7 and E13B characters, halftones, line images, and fine characters.





Dry toner

Mono-component dry toner

Nipson Technology presses all use dry magnetographic toner. Engineered to perfection, this imaging process sets the industry standard for quality and reliability.

Unlike liquid toner, dry toner can be used on virtually any type of substrate, without any pretreatment.

Dry toner technology simply outperforms any other technology, combining superior image quality and process stability. Only dry toner technology can accurately produce minute details such as micro-text and guilloches in security features, serifs and fine lines in certain fonts, and hairlines.

Because our black toner is magnetic, Nipson Technology presses are MICR-capable by default, enabling simultaneous printing of MICR characters and other variable data without the need of additional costs or changes to the printer. And our fluorescent toner further enhances your choice of security features.

What is more, our proprietary mono-component toner not only guarantees cost-effective impeccable quality, it also contributes to a clean and environmentally-friendly operation by ensuring efficient de-inking process for recycled paper production.




Nipson Technology's proven technology

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