Innovation in black & white digital flexible printing

Innovation in black & white digital flexible printing


 Innovation in Black & White digital flexible printing

Small but productive, the Nipson Technology DIGIFlex has all it takes for high-quality, cost-effective black & white variable data production printing. Combining magnetography and cool xenon flash fusing and featuring variable speed control, it offers you all the Nipson Technology trademark features you have come to expect, and more. Upgraded with improvements throughout, the DIGIFlex sets new standards in terms of quality, flexibility and cost-effective productivity.


The DIGIFlex is flexible in more ways than one. Our proprietary cool xenon flash fusing process fuses the toner without heating the substrate. As a result, the DIGIFlex can handle a very wide range of materials including paper, labels, plastics, foils and other thermal sensitive stocks, handling substrates as fragile as 40 gsm or as heavy as 300 gsm just as easily. 

Designed for flexibility, the DIGIFlex can be used in multiple configurations and different processes. Simplex, Single Engine Duplex or Twin Engine Duplex, and roll-to-roll, roll-to-cut or roll-to-stack, the choice is yours. 

For printing on demand, transactional printing, security applications, MICR documents, identification labels or complex barcodes, look no further – with the DIGIFlex you have found the solution.


Print quality

As the saying goes: never change a winning team... unless you can improve it. This is why we have taken Nipson Technology’s proven dry toner magnetographic printing technology and raised the bar even higher. 

Thanks to multiple upgrades, the implementation of a modified paper cleaning station and a redesigned engine cooling unit the DIGIFlex delivers the same impeccable 600 dpi print quality you have come to expect from us, only better.  

But that’s not all: our cool xenon flash fusing keeps the substrate stress free, ensuring no change in dimensions occurs during processing, while retaining the humidity within for best possible post processing. Abrasion resistant fusing even on preprinted surfaces completes the outstanding quality level of your printouts.



While it is the smallest of our range, the DIGIFlex certainly doesn’t lack productivity! Being web-fed it is fast, printing at up to 104 meters (342 ft) per minute. It has a maximum web width of 20.5 inches and a maximum printable width of 18.45 inches, which translates to more than 600 A4 pages per minute two-up, simplex and over 1200 A4 pages per minute two-up when set in duplex mode.

The DIGIFlex comes with Nipson Technology’s unique variable speed feature, automatically adjusting the printing speed to synchronize with the data flow rate and the finishing equipment. This helps you avoid unnecessary starts and stops, ensuring truly cost-effective continuous production and reduces waste.

With its rugged design, using quality parts throughout, it is built to last. The result: maximum uptime for 24/7 operation and reliable and consistent performance in any production environment!


Technical data



speed option

Printing Technology Magnetography


Fusing Method Cold Flash Fusing   
Resolution (DPI) 600   
Paper Management Pin-fed   
Meters per minute 30 to 81.7 up to 104 30 to 81.7
Feet per minute 98 to 268 up to 342 98 to 268
A4 Landscape (21×29.7 cm)  388 495  776 
A4 Portrait, 2-up (2 × 29.7 × 21 cm)  550 700  1100 
A4 Portrait, 1-up (29.7 × 21 cm)  275 350  550 
A3 Landscape (29.7 × 42 cm)  275 350  550 
Letter Landscape (11 x 8.5 inch) 378 482 756
Letter Portrait, two up 2  x (8.5 x 11 inch) 585 745 1170
Legal Landscape (14 x 8.5 inch) 378 482 756
Legal Portrait, two up 2 x (8.5 x 14 inch) 458 585 916
Ledger Landscape (17 x 11 inch) 292 373 584
Print width up to 18.45 inches (468.5 mm)


Printing length in standard configuration 3 to 36 inches (75 to 915 mm)  6 to 28 inches (152 to 711 mm)
Paper input Paper with tractor perforations (roll or fanfold format with or without micro-perforations) Paper with tractor perforations (roll or fanfold format with or without micro-perforations), fanfold allowed up to 90 m/mn Paper with tractor perforations (roll or fanfold format with or without micro-perforations)
Media width up to 20.5 inches (520 mm)


Media weight 64 to 160 gsm  (limited to 120gsm with fanfold format)
Standard Network./TCP/IP: Nipson Technology Printserver (AFP, TIFF, PCL, SDP input)
Option Network./TCP/IP: IPDS Page Printer Emulation with IPDS licence
 Width  62.8 inches (1 600 mm)   
Depend on the TED configuration:
I, L, U, S, Z
Length 133.8 inches (3 400 mm)
Height 67.6 inches (1 720 mm)
Weight 2,645 lb (1 200 kg)
400 VAC - 3 phases - 50 Hz/60 Hz 35 A 45 A 70 A
208 VAC - 3 phases - 60 Hz
with external transformer
Power requirements
(average consumption)
19 kw 24 kw 38 kw
pinless mode Ability to print tractorless
Ability to use paper from 40 up to 160 gsm
'ExtendedPLUS' Paper management Ability to use tractor or tractorless papers up to 300 gsm
SED Albility to print in duplex mode on a single printer.
Paper width: 9.9 inches (251mm)
Paper length: 6 to 28 inches
Printing speed: 81.7 m/min
ST20 Stacker up to 90 meters per minute (paper size and weight to be validated after 70 m)
Note: all rated values are maximum achievable values. Actual values depend on the configuration, the environment and the application.